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The importance of daily inspections


Understanding that small imbalances can lead to substantial and an expensive problem is the first step to maintain your mobile crushers. System inspections should be completed daily, to make sure all of the major wear parts are properly secured and lubricated.

By paying proper attention to these areas, such as the liners, crusher anvils and blow bars, and adjusting as needed, the operator can assist the machine to run at peak performance, providing ideal flexibility and efficiency. Otherwise, you’ll be paying for it in the future through increased repairs and downtime, resulting in less profit.

When performing daily inspections on your crusher, there are several areas to examine before use, starting with the bearings. Roller bearings should be inspected daily and replaced as needed. Operators should inspect and clean out the crushing chamber to check for any loose or worn parts. After they should examine the screen cloth for any debris and clean it out as well.

When an operator is inspecting a conveyor, they should assess the belt scrapers and skirting to make sure it does not require any adjustments or repairs. Key conveyor components, such as rollers and bearings, should be thoroughly inspected to ensure they are not loose, damaged or broken, which could cause additional expenses and downtime.

By keeping your unit serviced, such as greasing the bearings every day, you can receive several years of use before replacing. A crusher typically lasts 15 to 20 years, provided it’s serviced regularly. A well-maintained crusher gives you several more years of service and profit when it comes time to resell.