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Portable Crushers & Screens for Demolition Site Recycling


Recycling demolition waste and then reusing it has proven to be a fast growing field of application over the last few years. The extremely high-quality, cubic aggregate can be used in a variety of ways: for example as substructure material for roads or flooring, filling sewer trenches and cellar excavations.

It can also be used as aggregate in green roofing, in filling for uneven land and even as insulation material for district heating lines. There is no end to the application opportunities! Especially in connection with MPEX options such as the magnetic separator, you can produce first-class recycling material.



Working site: limited space, transport had to be kept to a minimum and noise and emissions likewise had to be kept as low as possible. 

customer’s demands: Great productivity, high quality aggregate and top quality service



In consideration of above requirements, we provide the following solutions for a demolition and recycling company who specializes in demolition, excavating and recycling in Zhejiang Province. MPEX-1626 mobile jaw crusher matched with horizontal screen.

One of the first jobs for the new jaw crusher was the demolition of old housing around urban area.



Old Housing demolition in Zhejiang Province

The perfect job for the powerful crusher: after the old housing had been demolished, the remains needed to be processed. To crush the rubble into a fine aggregate with a diameter of less than three inches as required. Each bucket that was emptied into the crusher was cash in customer’s pocket.

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