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MPEX Tracked Mobile Crushing and Screening Plant for C&D Recycling


Processing recycling materials with mobile crushers

As the earth’s natural resources are becoming ever scarcer, recycling is becoming ever more important. In the building industry, recycling products help to reduce the requirements for primary raw materials. All in all, an increasing demand for recycling material, in particular by the construction industry, has been recorded in the international market in recent years.

To maximize productivity and efficiency, MPEX mobile impact crushers and screeners have features that optimize throughput and minimize spillage. They use a direct drive system for optimum fuel efficiency and low operating costs, and include a number of user-friendly features. This ensures that they're both simple to operate, and easy to maintain.

The hanging screen option available on our impactors has been designed to maximize productivity and profitability, giving accurately sized products ready for immediate use.

Old becomes new

MPEX mobile inclined screener

Separating into individual components

In addition to reinforced concrete, asphalt or bricks, demolition waste and mixed construction waste are also separated into their reusable components by means of mobile crushers or stationary crushing and sorting plants, enabling the cleanly sorted recycling materials to be reused in the construction industry. Incineration ash and steel slag are also recycled to high-quality aggregate that is used, for instance, in road surface courses – a method which is enjoying ever-increasing popularity in Europe.

Producing high-quality recycling material

A highly efficient method of processing recycling material combines crushing, screening and separation of metals. To produce an end product of even higher quality, the additional steps of washing, removing light materials, such as plastics or paper, by air classification, and yet another electro-magnetic metal separator are incorporated into the recycling process.

MPEX mobile impact crusher and screener

Use of impact crushers

Impact crushers are increasingly used today for crushing recycling material. Impact crushers are capable of producing mineral aggregate mixes in one single crushing stage in a closed-cycle operation, making the use of this type of crushers particularly cost-effective. Different crusher units can alternatively be combined for the processing of recycling material.

Separating metals

Effective separation of metals is of particular importance in the recycling process. Highly powerful magnets are used for this purpose, aiming at separating 100% of the ferrous metals contained in the feed material. Metal parts that have been isolated in the crushing operation are separated from the recycling material by the magnetic separator and discharged.