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Conveyors and screen media


Having a proactive maintenance plan of the conveyors and screen media will save you cost in the long run.

Conveyors can wreak havoc on your crushing plant from ripped belts, uneven wear, and spillage causing belt stoppages.

The most important thing when properly maintaining conveyors is adjusting belts to run true on the conveyor. It’s a very easy thing that can be overlooked, but needs to be addressed every day.

Plants should have proper skirt board rubber on the conveyor. This will stop spillage and prevent rocks from becoming caught up on a roller, causing the roller to prematurely fail, or rocks becoming caught in the tail pulley, causing the belt to jam and hours of shoveling.

Having a proper belt scraper will help clean the belt of sticky material that can build up on your rollers, causing them to freeze up and fail, which could, in turn, rip your belt. The last item is to maintain your rollers; keep them clean, and, if they are getting flat spots, change them.


A proper belt scraper will clean the belt of sticky material that can build up on your rollers and cause roller failure or even a belt rip. 


It’s very important to have the right selection of screen media, which our sales person should be more than happy to help you select. After all, it’s only after the material is screened to the right size that a producer gets paid for it, and profitability is what it’s all about.

The screen media needs to be checked daily for cleanliness, wear or damaged parts, and for tension. You don’t want the screen media loose, as it will cause it to flap around and break prematurely.

Another area that needs to be checked is the profile rubber on your screen rail bars. This is critical, as you always want to have good crown rubber underneath your screen media. If this is not done, it will prematurely wear or break your screens, as well as the screen box rail bars, which could cause a screen box failure.