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Business growth thanks to efficient MPEX crusher


The easy operation and fast availability of MPEX impact crusher has been convincing construction companies.The increase in orders recently led to the purchase of MPEX-4000RS impactor. Some construction companies can now fulfil their customer wishes with the usual high level of quality even faster. There are already signs of further growth beyond the previous fields and positive business figures.


They would be able to process the different materials so quickly and with high quality with the MPEX-4000RS. With the mobile impact crushers from MPEX Corporation, they can work more efficiently and support their customers in their projects as a reliable partner.

As construction contractors, they offer customers not only high-quality aggregate from recycled material but also sand and gravel from their own quarry. A broad range of use for the flexible and reliable mobile MPEX impact crusher, which can handle a wide range of material perfectly. The MPEX-4000RS has been put straight to work in C&D materials, concrete recycling and crushing limestone. Due to its compactness, which makes it easy for the MPEX crusher to access even cramped sites. This flexibility and efficiency of the MPEX crusher is adapted to the needs of the customers.

Work efficiently and earn money
Downtime costs money. An MPEX impactor which is in operation makes money. With this in mind, MPEX Corporation already developed and implemented principle for its machines years ago. A color guidance system, for example, means that the machine can be operated quite easily and intuitively. The crusher can be started up and put to work very quickly onsite. The machine can be controlled and operated by one person who can run the crusher from an excavator or wheel loader via remote control. Furthermore, an MPEX impact crusher is popular in plant hire as it enables you to handle jobs quickly and efficiently.